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Crafted Cold Cuts takes pride in being your premier source for high-quality wholesale bacon Eisbein ribs in the heart of Pretoria and across the Gauteng region. Our commitment to excellence and our secret family recipes ensure that each bite of our products is a flavorful delight.

When it comes to succulent and savory wholesale bacon, we set the standard. Our Eisbein is a true taste of tradition, expertly prepared to perfection. And if you’re seeking mouthwatering ribs that will leave your customers coming back for more, you’ve found the right supplier.

We understand the importance of locally sourced and locally loved products. That’s why, as a trusted provider of wholesale meats in Pretoria and Gauteng, we take great care in crafting each cut to meet your exacting standards. From local restaurants to cherished butcheries, we cater to the discerning tastes of our community.

At Crafted Cold Cuts, we’re more than just a meat supplier. We’re your partner in culinary excellence. Contact us today to explore our wide range of wholesale meats and experience the authentic flavors of Pretoria and Gauteng on your plate.

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Bacon | Eisbein | Ribs

Our smores-cold meats are a must-have for any hospitality business looking to add a touch of gourmet flair to their menu. Our selection includes a variety of high-quality meats, such as back bacon, neck bacon, streaky bacon, catering bacon, pickled eisbein, and smoked and marinated ribs. Each slice is expertly crafted to deliver maximum flavor and tenderness, making them perfect for sandwiches, salads, and charcuterie boards.

Our back bacon is made from premium pork loin, while our neck bacon is rich in flavor and has a perfect meat-to-fat ratio. Our streaky bacon is perfect for those who love crispy bacon, while our catering bacon is perfect for large-scale events. For those who love pickled meats, our eisbein is brined to perfection and pairs perfectly with sauerkraut or mashed potatoes. Our smoked and marinated ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender and are bursting with flavor.

At wholesale prices, our smores-cold meats are the perfect choice for any hospitality business looking to offer their customers high-quality, gourmet options. Impress your guests with our delicious selection of smores-cold meats and take your menu to the next level.

Bacon Bits
Bacon Bits / Pizza Bacon
Catering Bacon
Catering Bacon
Streaky Bacon
Streaky Bacon
Pickled Eisbein
Eisbein Pickled
precooked marinated ribs
Pre-Cooked/Marinated Ribs

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